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Focused on increasing happiness, boosting mental health and is dedicated to revolutionizing the employer-employee relationship in tandem with 360° employee growth.

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Brownie Point brings a revolutionized management system to your fingertips, where employers and employees use its real-time features to achieve the optimum work-life balance.

Assess Your Health

Your employees assess their physical and mental health on various parameters.

Peer Review

Your employees review employees based on skill set, knowledge, dependability, etc.

Japanese ‘IKIGAI’

Your employees manage and set goals along with daily jobs.


Your employees share their feelings of gratitude with co-workers.


Your employees get to know about the appraisal process and benchmarks.


Your employees give feedback on the workplace, working environment, etc.


Incorporate this app in the daily working of your organization to register a 360° growth of each employee by creating a professional environment for self-assessment and feedback. Achieve this milestone by channeling and analyzing simple user inputs to improve cohesiveness and working among the employees and as an organization by working in the following dimensions:

  • Personal, professional, and miscellaneous feedback to improve the workplace environment
  • Cognitive questionnaires to assess the team’s physical and mental health
  • Reporting of legal and mental health concerns anonymously
  • Employee evaluation based on work output, targets, etc
  • Data is protected by secured gateways


It is a reward system user interface where each employee is given some reward points, the company currency. They are earned by completing tasks like peer review forms, feedback forms, daily ‘IKIGAI,’ etc., and can be redeemed in the form of gifts and benefits offered by the company.

Consider an example: Assume Employee A and Employee B work in the same organization but are not on the same team and don’t coordinate. Employee A needs help in a field where Employee B excels, so Employee B helps Employee A complete the task. Employee A transfers some reward points to Employee B as a token of appreciation. Now Employee B can redeem these for various organizational benefits.

A well-balanced and placed reward system boosts employee satisfaction and loyalty, which in the long term, is beneficial for any organization. Implement the reward system of Brownie Point to improve cohesiveness among your employees and reap the benefits of continuous growth.


Brownie Point is a platform for mutually constructive evaluation, idea sharing, policy-shaping, feedback, and building the most efficient work routine for the growth of employees and the organization. Brownie Point believes in elevating your employee cohesiveness and collective decision-making process so your organization can achieve new heights.

We believe in transparency, and that is what is projected in the working of the app. It is a safe space for employees to contact and discuss issues with employers and get solutions in real time, in accordance with the various policies.


An insight into the benefits, key features of incorporating Brownie Point in the working of the organization.

Employee Engagement

Tackling the issues of interpersonal relations among employees is the single most challenging task to conquer in today’s time. The Brownie Point app is designed to help employees build cordial relationships with co-workers and increase enthusiasm and dedication towards work. Hence, increasing team cohesiveness and improving work efficiency so that everyone can reap its benefits.

General and Mental Well-Being Assessment

It can be challenging to prioritize mental and physical health in our fast-paced world. The Brownie Point app aims to make it easier to assess and maintain both physical and mental well-being with its built-in feature of using simple questionnaires to assess your health status.

Reward-Based Engagement

It allows employees to recognize and reward their colleagues for their interpersonal relationships, work quality, behavior, knowledge, and skills through badges and points or earn rewards by providing reviews, feedback, and health assessments. These are considered for appraisals and promotions. In addition, employees can earn monetary bonuses and extra vacation time as personal benefits.

Employee Feedback and Security

The Brownie Point app provides employees a platform to offer feedback on administrative services and suggests ways to improve workplace convenience. It also allows for anonymous reporting on serious issues such as bullying, sexual harassment, and breaches of interest, helping to ensure the safety and legal rights of each employee at work.

Performance and Behavioral Tracking

The app is designed to be a comprehensive management tool for tracking the daily progress of an organization's workforce. It includes a peer-review feature that allows employees to rate their colleagues' work quality, creating a digital report of the team's achievements and areas for improvement.


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